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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 4, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking now. fear grips markets around the world. after another major setback for the u.s. economy. the dismal jobs numbers rattle investors. are we headed back into another recession? bomb shell in the trayvon martin case. george zimmerman waking up in jail this morning. accused of deceiving the court about how much money he really had. and the secret jailhouse phone calls he made, in code, to his wife. and a mother's rage. did she do too far when she choked the boy who bullied her daughter. the mom may be facing jail time. we'll talk to the mother and daughter live in studio.
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and, royal bash. millions cheering on the queen in a blowout celebration for her 60 years on the throne. and "gma" is here for all of it. rare brand new interviews with the royal family. and for the first time, we're live inside buckingham palace, with all the details on the biggest party on the planet, live from london, right now. and good morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. what a great weekend it was in great britain for the queen's jubilee. you guys look terrific. >> thank you, king george. your royal subjects are here for you. two things british, the royals and the weather. despite less than ideal
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conditions yesterday, still 1.2 million people lining the banks of the river thames to see the royal family and queen elizabeth. >> among the millions, yours truly, robin and i, braving the elements. what a vantage point. we felt blessed to be on albert bridge, watching the queen in all of her glory, surrounded by the royal family. also in the show, we'll hear from some royals we don't normally hear from. eugenie and beatrice. the daughters of sara ferguson and prince andrew. >> let's get back to george. >> we have a lot to get to here. the huge wildfires. the worst in the history of new mexico. and big news on breast cancer. a kind of smart bomb to attack
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tumors. first, big story, markets falling around the world. josh is here to get us started. >> good morning to you. right now, right this minute, big worries on wall street. stock plunging overseas in japan. bianna golodryga is watching it for us. >> things are not looking good. investors are concerned about the latest jobs report opinion the u.s. unemployment rate is rising for the first time in nearly one year. the dow suffered the worst loss of the year on friday dropping 274 points. the news about jobs here is the perfect storm with jobs globally. the debt crisis in europe is the big concern, it's worsening. greece could withdraw from the euro. spain might need help as well.
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economists are worried about another recession here at home. one possible bright spot, oil prices at the lowest level in eight months. cheaper gas prices just in time for the summer. >> vacations are okay but will they have jobs to return to? the monster wildfires tearing across new mexico. less than 20% contained. fueled by drought, fanned by heavy winds. devouring some 400 square miles of the gila national forest. the first fatalities of the season. an air tanker like the one you see there crashed, killing two pilots on board. let's go to sam to see if any relief is in sight. >> we'll start with this. there are 12 of them burning in the west. 12 very large fires. hundreds of small fires. back to the tape of the gila forest fire.
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the largest wildfire in new mexico history is this fire you're looking at right now, picked up 14,000 more acres over the weekend. now 1200 firefighters trying to cut fire lines around this fire. it's not going to get el help f the weather. not only one powerful front, an area of low pressure. dry conditions continuing over the states. seven states have red flag watches and warnings, josh. investigators searching for more victims this hour after a nigerian air lyler crashed. the plane slammed into a residential neighborhood in lagos. there are reports that the pilot of the boeing md-83, the plane in question, was american, he reported engine problems before the crash.
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during leon panetta's visit to hanoi today, the government said they'll open three previously restricted sites to the united states to look for people missing in action. there are 1200 estimated service members still missing in vietnam. this morning, richard dawson is being remembered for his wise-cracking manner. >> my heart stopped there. survey said! >> a producer claims that dawson kissed some 20,000 women during his nine-year run on the show. met his second wife, who was a con tes tant. he made it big on "hogan's heroes." and dazzled on "the match game." he was just 79 years old. i will say, george.
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it would have been 19, 999, had he not kissed my aunt who was on the show in the '70s. she was not wooed. >> did she win? >> no. >> too bad. i loved him on "hogan's heroes." >> a huge part of the ensemble. now to tlatehe latest on ge zimmerman. he's back in prison this morning. matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: it's not clear how long zimmerman will be forced to remain in the jail behind me. in a couple of hours, his attorney will file for another motion for bail. it's possible that zimmerman could be forced to remain here through the duration of the trial, that could be through 2014. this morning, george zimmerman is waking up in a 9-foot by
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7-foot cell, in isolation. he was pararaided in front of cameras. >> george, you lied about the money? >> did now know about the money? >> reporter: they late r releasd this booking photo. his attorney told abc news overnight, his client dreaded going back to jail. >> he didn't like it when he was there. he's frustrated, still. by the process that he has to in effect, in his own mind, prove his innocence. >> reporter: he was ordered back into lockup on friday, during a firework-filled hearing. the prosecution accused him and his wife of knowingly deceiving the court about how much money they had to pay for his bail. >> i quite frankly from the state position, will call it what it is. the defendant's wife lied to this court.
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she stated she had no money. the records showed she did. >> reporter: zimmerman didn't say a word about the money at his hearing in april. >> this is a family of short means. >> reporter: prosecutors say the couple knew about how much money aamassed from this website formed to support him. >> they were using code words, thinking the police would be real stupid. >> reporter: according to the court documents, the couple discussed having $8.60 in one account when they really meant $86,000. >> it's not like they were trying to hide the money or leave with it. they had it and felt they needed to secure themselves. >> reporter: about the legal fund, abc news has learned it has $193,000 still in it. thousands of dollars have been spent on living expenses. the money is rolling in at a rate of about $1,000 a day. the money has spiked since he
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was ordered back to jail on friday. george? >> matt, thanks very much. let's bring in dan abrams now. can the skuj keep zimmerman behind bars for a long time? >> it could. i don't think it will happen. the purpose of bail is not to punish. it's to make sure he shows up. make sure that the amount is right so it's a significant enough amount that it would put a huge donent in his life, his family's life to lose it. but it's not a good idea to lie. >> he's going to go back before the judge to try to get him to throw out the case. >> this is a unique situation. what the judge thinks about you is important. meaning, at trial, every lie zimmerman told in his life won't come into evidence. you can't introduce every time someone's lied. in this case, there's a important hearing, the stand your ground hearing, where the
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defense is going to argue that the judge should throw out the case. in that hearing, zimmerman's credibility will be incredibly important. the last thing you want, if you're the defense attorney, is for the judge to is questions about his credibility. >> that's why the attorney is being so solicitous of the judge in the statements. does george zimmerman's wife face charges? >> i think the focus will be on him. she testified in the context of this. i think the focus will be on george zimmerman, how dishonest was he? how dishonest was she? they'll have to come up with a new number to ensure that he's going to show up. >> the money is coming in. dan, thank you very much. let's go back to josh. now to what may be a revolutionary breakthrough in treating breast cancer.
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there's a new drug cocktail to knock out cancer cells. here to tell us more about it is dr. skren for ashton. this is sort of leap out of your seat news. >> one expert is calling this the biggest breast cancer story of the year. a brand new class of drug, called an adc. an anti-body drug complexipleco. it's called t-dm1. it's like a heat-seeking missile. it travels the body, does not damage until it meets the cancer, it deploys a massively toxic dose to kill the cancer and does no more damage to the rest of the body. this is for her 2 positive tombers only. it's in clinical trials now. the data released at this conference shows women who took this drug has a 38% reduced risk
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of dying compared to those taking conventional chemotherapy. big news. >> side effects? >> muscle, joint pain, risk of bleeding. it's about $100,000 for a typical course. >> not for all types of breast cancer. talk to your doctor. >> absolutely. see if you're eligible for a clinical trial. keep a positive attitude. the most important thing. >> let's go back to robin roberts in london for the queen's jubilee. oh, robin? >> oh, there, joshua. we wish you were here with us. we know how much you would enjoy it. the feeling in the air electric. you can sense the affection the british have for the queen. still two full days of festivities ahead. nick watt is inside buckingham palace with the latest. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
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we're just down the street from you in the backyard of buckingham palace. how about that. 12,000 people are about to gather here for a jubilee picnic. the brits are pulling out all the stops to celebrate the 60 years on the throne for the little lady that lives in the palace behind me. it all kicked off with the biggest flotilla on the thames in 350 years. 1,000 boats from kayaks to gone do -- gondolas. 1 million people lined the banks. >> i'm a bit tired. it was worth it. i can't wait to see the queen. i think she's very good at being queen. >> 60 years in the same job deserves to be rewarded. >> reporter: and there's the royal barge. kate in red, the chaps in uniform, and the queen, in icy white. organizers wanted to re-create
7:15 am
something out of an ancient painting. they did well. meanwhile, across the land, thousands of street parts. scones and cream, warm beer, and bon ami. even a kiss for charles. then -- the rain got heavier. that poor choir, and reports of hypothermia from the rowers. >> we're supporting the queen and saying thank you for being an amazing monarch. >> reporter: the 86-year-old queen didn't mind the rain. she's only the second mon ach in 1,000 years to make it this far. she could be on the throne another 30 years. today and tomorrow, more processions on dry land. lunches, services of
7:16 am
remembrance. a whole lot more flag waving. and, of course, tonight, here at the palace, a star-encrusted concert. tom jones and stevie wonder on the same bill. and the sun is shining. fingers crossed, no more rain. fingers crosseded. >> we want the sun to make an appearance tonight at the concert as well. good to be in your neck of the woods as well. joining us now is roya nika. good to have you here. good for us to be here. this is your neighborhood. such pageantry. it appears that the royals and the queen are enjoying themselves. >> absolutely. astonishing. i think the british do pomp and pageantry better than anybody else. what we saw on saturday, as she started at the derby in epsom.
7:17 am
she looked so happy. every shot, she was laughing and smiling. >> even in the rain, she was enjoying here's, didn't sit down the entire time. >> i think she thought 1.5 million came to the thames, she was not going to sit down. she stood 4 1/2 hours. extraordinary stamina. >> do you feel that the palace, they sense -- high expectations for the next few days. they want to meet the expectations, exceed them. >> i think that's right. there's so much buildup. it's almost felt like more energy than the royal wedding. bigger crowds. i think the royal family wants to deliver to people's extechatio extechations. >> they delivered something surprising when they released ever in before seen home movies of the queen as a young mother, with charles.
7:18 am
what do you make of that? >> it was astonishing. seeing prince charles seeing that for the first time. the very moving images of the queen coming back from kenya when she heard her father had died. a big reveal to show what she has accomplished in 60 years. >> it was very revealing. a side we rarely see. i have to say, the queen, yes, everybody was there to see her. but when the duchess came out, kate, it took everybody's breath away again. >> she looked incredibly elegant in her red sarah burton. it was very interesting. she looked beautiful, elegant. she didn't outshine the queen. i think the queen took center stage yesterday. all eyes were on her. >> i have to agree with you wholehearted wholeheartedly. thank you so much for being with us. have fun. we're going back now to -- oh,
7:19 am
sam champion. a rare sighting. think it's because we were going to talk to you, the sun made its first appearance since we have been here. thank you, thank you sam. >> and in hon novembor of the q jubilee, the northeast, will stay in london-like weather throughout the week. no applause. after a very wet weekend from new hampshire into portland, maine. it may be a couple of days, maybe the entire week before we get into a dryer pattern. the storms from spokane to missoula.
7:20 am
a beautiful monday morning junehe first full week of and temperatures will be below long with lower humidity. clouds mixed in with the start our day, in 50's in outlying suburbs. 67 and the district and 60 in hagerstown. be the highs today and the average is 81. a few light showers are possible daily. >> and all that weather was brought to you by sergeants otc max. a mother's rage. police charge her with choking the boy accused of bullying her
7:21 am
13-year-old daughter. plus, lara, you have friends in london. >> i sure do. they're all out from all over the world to celebrate. we'll show you how we celebrating coming up and -- mashed potatoes and gravy! mac 'n cheese. mashed potatoes and gravy what are you doing? what are you doing? mac 'n cheese! should we tell em we got two free sides? and miss this? say "mashed potatoes!" never! [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and we'll throw in 2 more large sides, free. that's 2 extra sides of your choice and one happy family. today tastes so good. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good monday morning at 7:26 this june 4. the national weather service now confirms at least 11 tornado
7:27 am
the d.c. region the storms last friday. the weather service's nine of the tornado touched down in maryland and the hardest hit was in harford county where damage was left behind. tornadoes touched down near hampton and petersburg, va. but nobody was injured there. a big man charged with killing back in artin is jail this morning. a judge had revoked his bond his wife lied to the court about their financial situation in order to get a lower bond. newschannel 8 has more coming up at 7:30. the morning commute started out things turned into a case the monday's. >> a vehicle fire a 95 maryland near 895, an accident northbound on 95, we hadrea on 395 between king street. and the lanes are open now.
7:28 am
delays out of springfield are the belt way to go to seminary road. now, live in laurel, 63 degrees, low humidity and temperatures all week long will average. the average high as 81 degrees have a mixture of clouds. temperatures are hovering around degrees and we will make it mid to upper 70's. we will have a few spotty today andter asically every day with of rain through thursday. be back at 7:56.
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♪ the bells are ringing roman cavalry choirs are singing ♪ we're back live here in london. we have people from tennessee. from all around the world. >> tanzania. >> all around. this is trafalgar square. tourists and locals alike come here to celebrate the queen's diamond jubilee. we have been having a royal time. >> a little local flavor the boot. also coming up, an exclusive with the queen's granddaughters, we rarely hear from eugenie and beatrice. >> they're revealing all.
7:31 am
we'll have the rare interview. we had to come all this way to meet pudsy. maybe we can get a performance. >> live on "gma." if there's a deejay in town, we found him. we'll spin a little bit for you royal style. i wish i was kidding. i'm not. >> pudsy's put on a few pounds as well. >> hey, come on now. >> nickname. >> there he is. he's still active. an ir spiring story for somebody who wants to lose weight. the personal trainer who gained 70 pounds on purpose. wait until you see the results of his story. and josh has a stunning "play of the day." we begin with the florida mom who flew into a rage and
7:32 am
started choking the boy who bullied her daughter on line. debbie piscatell is here live with her daughter on talk about it. first, john schriffen has the back story. >> reporter: the florida mother who they say choked her daughter's alleged bully is no monster. >> until you're a parent. you don't know. all i care about is what is happening to my daughter. what is happening to her. >> reporter: debbie say this online taunting started when she posted this picture on facebook. a teen boy unowe leashed torrents of abuse. >> he said how fat and does gusting she was. my heart was beating out of my chest. >> reporter: so when they came across the boy at the mall, the 46-year-old mom snapped. >> everything just happened so fast. >> reporter: according to
7:33 am
police, she quote grabbed him around the neck and choked him, clooefing marx around his neck. she was thrown this jail and faces charges of felony child abuse. the alleged bully said mckenna provoked him. >> she called my girlfriend fat. i was like, before you call anybody fat, look in the mirror. you can't do that and need a jenny craig. i said you should donate krur body to science because blue whales are rare. >> reporter: the teen boy's mother spoke to tampa station. >> if you're an adult, you do not put your hands on a child. i wish they would have somehow contacted us. it would have been easier to not have this ploe up into this big, huge thing. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news new york. >> and debbie and mckenna join us now.
7:34 am
that must be hard to see the details do by again. you say your emotions got the best of you here. >> they did. it's my daughter. it's the nasty things he was saying about her. there's things i can't even -- say on tv. because they're so vulgar. it really got to me. what really really did it was she was so upset about it, she just -- she didn't want to -- she wanted to hurt herself. that, to me, as a pirnarent, seg my daughter like that, it angered me. >> what happened in that moment? >> in the moment at the mall, when i -- you know, said -- you know, stop saying things about my daughter on facebook. i did use expletives. i was told that he wasn't going to stop. he didn't have to stop. so i lost it. i really did. and -- that's all i can say
7:35 am
about that. i lost my temper. i wish i -- there would have been another route i would have taken. >> so you do regret it? >> of course. i don't go around doing that to children. i don't want to sound like a monster. there had been bullying in the past with mckenna. not specifically by these people. but, i mean, by the girlfriend, there had been some things. i had gone through the proper authorities. >> the school. >> the school, the school resource office. >> your husband contacted -- >> the police that night. they're like, there's nothing we can do about it. it's -- there's nothing they said there's nothing you can do. they have all the bullying laws. anti-bullying laws. pu when it comes do unto it, it falls on deaf ears. >> for you, this is the last straw.
7:36 am
mckenna, this has to be so hard for you. you were in bad shape, huh? it had been building up for a long time. >> yeah. >> what was the worst part about it? >> just the things that he was saying about me. >> this has to be so hard to hear and, debbie, i gotta say, as a parent, i was watching you listen to that boy on the radio, still, you had a physical reaction hearing his voice. >> because he was saying that she, she put the picture up. her little brother took the picture. it was not a vulgar pose. we went to a concert. it was her favorite band spelling in reverse. the girl never said anything nasty or rude to her. she said, if you don't like my picture, don't make posts about it. that's when the kid started his
7:37 am
rant. >> what do you want parents and kids to take away from your story? >> i want people to go through the proper channels. monitor your children and what they're doing on facebook. because obviously, if you look on the facebook of the children in question, the things that -- the things that are on there, as a parent, i would shut it down immediately. >> that's what has to stop it. you said you regret the path you took. thank you for coming in. st sam? we'no one deserves to be bullied. we'll show you pictures out of bath, maine. let's look at what is going to happen over the next few days. from the eastern great lakes into new england. the mid-atlantic is involved as well.
7:38 am
it's a cool, damp, showery pattern. boston, 66 degrees. we're well into june by the time we get to the thursday time period. new york as well. western areas will be a bit warmer. here's where all the heat is in the middle of the country. denver, 90, albuquerque, 91, phoenix, 101 degrees. a quick look at the big board. on the west coast, things are better in the and 63rees in leesburg park and downtown is degrees. a mixture of sun and clouds day the chance relate to a shower. >> all that weather was brought to you by angie's list. coming up, back to london. robin and lara's royal adventure at the biggest part of the planet. they're live.
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♪ let's get it started let's get it started in here ♪ the wonderful crowd joining us here at trafalgar square for the queen's diamond jubilee. you got taller all of a sudden. the last time i was here was for the royal wedding. an electric atmosphere. it's something different this
7:43 am
time. i think it's because i'm here with you, my friend. >> nothing better than a girls' trip with one of your best friends. and on top of that, a chance to watch history. it began on the river thames and ended -- in a pub. among the hundreds of thousands of jubilee goers and the flotilla of more than 1,000 boats, there we were. robin and yours truly, ready to hit the streets of london. >> it's typical great classic english weather, so -- >> yeah, hence is outfit. just below us, the spirit of chartwell. the first royal sighting. >> not the queen. but -- >> this is pretty good. >> william and kate? >> william and kate. the anticipation was killing us.
7:44 am
waiting for the great lady herself, queen elizabeth ii. here she comes, robin. she's all yours. what a moment. come on over, let's go see. have we mentioned it's june. note to self, bring gloves next time. i'm crying. it's -- >> it's okay. >> i'm just emotional. >> it's all right. pull yourself together, lara. pull yourself together. this is the first flotilla of this size in 300 years? >> we did read the research parkts. >> how do you like us now? ♪ >> from the flotilla to the park, the celebration in the city continued. ♪ and in true "gma" style, we made it deejay sunday, jamming with
7:45 am
deejay norman jay on a double derk bus, no less. >> welcome to our friends from "good morning america," robin and lara. >> whoo! >> we busted a few moves. sampled our mixing skills. in london, a flea market is called a koor booth sale. can i get you a fascinator? see? flea marketing is fun. >> no. >> not me? >> um -- close. okay, i really -- it's great. i know you brake for yard sales. >> this is a flea market. >> the queen is waiting for us. >> but -- but -- >> come on. >> i guess it's time to focus. we bumped into a group of teen age girls equipped with a wonderful song fitting for the occasion. ♪ god save our queen
7:46 am
>> to get the true english experience -- >> we need to go to the prince albert. we're at a proper english pub. the day would not be complete without a classic, traditional english twist. >> that was fast. >> thank you. cheers to the queen. >> to the queen. you know what they say. well, well, when in london? >> when in rome? >> same thing. we saw that flotilla for the first time, it took my breath away. >> we witnessed history. the only thing that would make it better is if you had been with us. we love our boys. coming up, speaking of the boys, josh with our "play of the day." and the princess diariediar. we'll hear from the queen's stylish granddaughter. "good morning america," live from london. i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions
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here's "the play of the day." >> all guys edition. >> indeed. time's wasting. let's get right to it. the end of the year race. the clone corral hills elementary in worthington, ohio. you' you'll notice matt, an 11 yeerl with cerebral palsy. the man in the shorts is his coach. he would finish the run and the school year with him. look at the classmates with him. the human spirit. no better. >> outstanding. >> that's amazing.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning once again at 7:56. you want to be on your best when driving in montgomery county as police are up enforcement of driving laws. it runs this weekend through willday and officers ticket aggressive drivers. loudoun county residents get a about thespeak out extension project at
7:57 am
dulles airport and beyond. will be tonight as the board of supervisors will whether to commit money to phase two of the project. newschannel 8 will have an in- up at 8:00. coming moving across the bridge. project is now so the lanes are open out of maryland and alexandria to the wilson bridge. i will take you to some 395 northbound leaving get to king to wicked a slow. because of a crash under way into shirlington. in maryland, 270 traffic on this beautiful day is stop and go. no accidents. of sun anda mixture clouds outside. this is a live look over arlington. the clouds will come and go over
7:58 am
of days and so few light rain showers. there will be nothing heavy but happen today through thursday. refreshing low humidity all week long and relatively cool temperatures. at 8:27.l be back
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] oh, the people of the world there in times square. and lara and i are here in trafalgar square, the heart of london. the place, the biggest party of the planet, they're saying. the queen's diamond jubilee. you, my friends, are invited. >> we have had such a terrific time, i dare say since before we got off the plane. here's proof from our twitter feed. >> you're going to show this to
8:01 am
everybody? >> girls trip, girls trip. >> lara's glass is already empty. >> the queen would have wanted it that way. i said that on twitter. >> music royalty is moving here to london as well. i gotta say. i don't get style points. i don't care. it was cold on albert bridge. it's getting nippy. she brings me along the hold her umbrella here. it was -- the sun was out earlier. now, this here, i'm an umbrella stand for lara spencer. lara spencer. >> yeah, no, i don't think so. it's great. we miss you guys. >> we have hats because we have the garden party coming up. >> should we give you a samp sampling? >> please do. >> this is from the store where cat buys her hat. >> the queen held her own umbrella yesterday. i want to point that out. >> robin's in good company then.
8:02 am
>> which way does this go any way? >> very nice. i hope that's the right way. i can't imagine that's the right way. >> of course it's the right way. however robin wears it is the right way. you're going to go inside the real-life "downton abbey." and from fit to fat. a trainer who decided he had to see exactly what his clients go through. he picked up the weight. then he had to lose it to fully understand what it takes. he's here live to tell us at it. that transformation from that back to what you saw before. >> we'll hear from his wife, too. if you thought he looked a little bit big, wait until you see pudsey. he's performing for us live.
8:03 am
maybe fame helps you get healthier. >> let's get to the news. just in morning, stock markets tanking j ining oversea plummeted to a 28-year low. one reason the unites could be headed to another recession. the debt crisis if europe is feting worse as well. it threatens to undermine progress made here at home. things in europe so bad, one executive says 80 may soon be the requirement age. the ceo of aig proves that governments around the world need to force people to work longer to make pengss and health insurance more affordable. new concerns about the economy have the president and mitt romney on the attack this morning. the obama campaign releasing this new ad in nine battleground states showing that romney's economic promises didn't pan out as governor of massachusetts.
8:04 am
the romney team is saying the obama camp is trying to change the subject. the largest wildfire in new mexi mexico's history continues to ranl out of control. it's burned through almost 400 square miles of the gila national forest. further north, two pilots were killed when an air tanker to fight fires crashed. a similar crash in 2002 forced the entire fleet to be grounded. disturbing images to be sure. you may see an influx of children on facebook soon. facebook is developing technology that would allow children under the age of 13 to use the sight under parental supervision. the children's accounts would be linked to the parents' account.
8:05 am
weeks after the company's new infamous stock offering. facebook is in the news for another reason. it's a great place to intern. even facebook interns take home big bucks. nearly $75,000 a year for software engineering interns. have i mentioned interns? not coincidentally, we have lost ever summer intern we just hired a couple of days ago. they're all hitching their way back to california. >> that's a good five times my first internship. >> that's a good 75,000 times of my internship. >> we don't know software. >> no. not much. >> let's get some pop news from lara. it would be my pressure. in honor of being in london. hats being such a part of the style over here. we'll be wearing them throughout the rest of the show.
8:06 am
just warning you. in "pop news" music royalty moving to london. rihanna says she's arriving today, broke the news on twitter. she'll reportedly being living a few miles from jay-z and beyonce's home here. and not far from chris martin. the invebl video from the song for "princess of china" is a hit. check this out. no more boys on the side for drew marrymore. the actress got married over the weekend to will kopelman. this is the third marriage for drew. as we reported, she wore chanel. she may have gotten a deal, her father-in-law was a former
8:07 am
executive at chanel. mazel tov, as josh would say. a big week in the uk for harry. he's got a number one song on the charts here. it's called sing. which is ironic because harry doesn't sing on it. he's responsible for the tambourine you hear throughout the song. the song will be performed live tonight at the jubilee concert for the queen. and pippa middleton, part of the flotilla yesterday. she and her family included in the royal squadron. the small group of boats sailing behind the queen. what are you looking at? it's a huge hon nor. that means the queen likes the middletons. they like the queen. pip pippa? a chic navy skirt and matching jacket. the middle on the ladies showing their true colors. that of the union jack.
8:08 am
and everybody, that's pop news. >> i won't ask any tougher questions than that. what is your hometown? neighbor i'll ask you -- oh, hi. we were just working it out. what we're going to start with, everybody. tell me your name. >> isaiah cook. >> and? >> miles cook. >> and? >> ventura, california. >> that's where you're from. what is your name? >> kylie. >> it can go from sunny to showers in one broadcast. right on top of robin and lara. today and tomorrow, the same thing. going on in the west, the strong winds continue to pull down. with that is dry, dogusty air. winds over 40 miles per hour. steady in the 20 to
8:09 am
40-mile-per-hour range. we are in times square. boston, new york, philadelphia, portland, all of us under the cold gusty air that will stay with us. it's wet and windy from into the northwest today, degrees and the district and 65 in martinsburg. mid 70'sarn and to the temperature and low humidity. we cannot rule out a few spotty separated light showers daily through thursday. it will be nothing heavy. cooler t >> we are cloudy and damp in times square in solidarity, lara, for your london weather. >> oh, thank you, sam. and here's a look at what is
8:10 am
coming up on your "gma morning menu." princess diaries. two royals you have never heard from before. beatrice and eugenie. and this trainer went from fit to fat. to understand his clients' struggles. has he gone from fat to fit? and think madmen is big. we're going inside "downton abbey." pooches and puppies, we are fed up with being fed on. we demand k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas and ticks, it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. and a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. so let's put our paws down in protest and raise our barks to rally till we all get k9 advantix ii.
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8:15 am
♪ girls they want to have fun oh girls just want to have ♪ back here in london, in trafalgar square. anticipating the queen's diamond jubilee. we have an exclusive with the princesses, beatrice and eugenie. they made headlines at the royal wedding last year with the dramatic hats. and eugenie splashed patriotic nail polish on their grandmother over the weekend. they sat down with claire shipman. >> reporter: we met them at the family home in windsor. i note you said recently, eugenie, that when your grandmother enters a room, it's a stunning moment. you fwas. >> it's phenomenal. everyone stops and stares.
8:16 am
i catch myself going, oh, wow. >> reporter: she has the power. >> she's phenomenal. >> we get to think of her as an incredible queen and leader, but also as an incredible grandmother. >> reporter: are there things that would surprise us? ments i think granny is very funny. have she's always got something funny to say about what has happened to her ors or dog. something somebody said. >> reporter: i heard she loves to play cards. >> we play a lot of patience. the most difficult game ever. i don't have much patience. so when we play, it's quite funny. she'll sit there for a good hour and half. i'll sit opposite her. she'll win. >> reporter: is she competitive? >> no, no. i wouldn't say competitive. it's a time to hang around together. it's quite nice.
8:17 am
>> reporter: as the girls move on if college, they're following the queen's example, focusing on charity. eugenie on scoliosis and beatrice from dyslexia. >> those are the bits i enjoy the most. what was it like to drive an balan ambulance in the second world war? >> reporter: you have talked to her about it. what do you think? >> she's driving now. she still drives the big trucks around balmoral. >> reporter: she'll offer them support. princess beatrice sold hers l h later on for money for charity. >> to talk about the hat thing. it was such a -- wacky turn of
8:18 am
events. i thing with my grandmother, we laughed a lot about it. when the sale was completed, we were sort of -- that was a thing where it was a funny sense of humor. >> reporter: is she grandmother first or queen? >> grandmother. >> granny. >> reporter: is that what you call her? >> yes. >> she said i'm too young to be a grandmother. >> reporter: she's a great-gr d great-grandmother now. >> exactly. >> reporter: do you feel pressure? does she set a high bar? >> i don't feel added pressure. everybody wants to make their family proud. >> she loves us the way we are. we look up to her like any granddaughter would to any grandmother. >> reporter: for "good morning america," claire shipman, abc news, london. >> it's apparent, they love their grandmother. it's great to see it on display like that. back to george in new york.
8:19 am
we have a "gma" exclusive. the extreme experiment of drew manning. the personal trainer who gained weight and then lost the weight as quickly as he put it on. he wrote a book, "fit 2 fat 2 fit." drew manning is a fitness junk can i. a personal trailer who dedicates his life to eating well, working out, and helping others do the same. how did drew get from here to here? he decided to walk in his clients's shoes. just over a year ago, he began the journey. stopped working out. started eating poorly. krchronicling his life on fit 2 fat 2 he gained 21 pounds in the first month.
8:20 am
>> this right here, wasn't there before. >> reporter: and as the weeks went on, hi health and confidence went downhill. >> i just walked up the stairs. i'm out of breath. >> becoming lethargic, lazy, not helping around the house. >> reporter: he had a 34.5-inch ways at the start. he has a 48-inch waste six months later. wayed 265 pounds. a gain of 72 pounds. >> daddy's going to make the macaroni and cheese. >> reporter: we caught up with his on his final day of being fat. >> is this awe? it doesn't fill me up. >> reporter: he's busting out of the clothes that used to fit. >> i've gained 13 inches in my waist. >> reporter: now time for the return to tiptop shape. wait until you see the results.
8:21 am
i'm here with drew's wife, lynn. drew, come on out. whoa! [ applause ] like it never happened. >> kind of, yeah. >> but, a guy like you, been fit basically your whole adult life, right. it must have been harder to get fat than fit. >> it was hard. i was addicted to working out. it was hard to let go of that lifestyle and eat the unhealthy foods and start working out. then i got used to it. it was hard to get back into the exercise routine. >> you didn't sign on necessarily for this. >> no, no, i absolutely didn't. i was shocked. i thought this was all going to be only a physical transformation. he would pack it on and lose it. i was shocked. the changes that happened in him. >> personality changes. >> yes, lazy. not helping around the house. not being a great father like he used to be. it was hard.
8:22 am
hard on our marriage. >> you call your chapter the ick factor. >> it wasn't about the man boobs or him not man-scaping. >> did you think you were becoming a different person? >> i was in denial. i used to help out with the kids, the dishes, help out around the house. i became lazier. i started snoring. i was chafing. i had less energy. it was exhausting. i could see how it affected our relationship because of that. that was the biggest surprise. >> you get used to the new life. then you have to turn it around again. what was new about it, getting in shape again? >> it was the first time going to the gym i was nervous. before i loved going there. for the first time in my life, i was mumbled. doing pushups on my knees. assisted pullups.
8:23 am
it was humbling. i was never to go back. it is interesting to start from 70 pounds and having to lose that weight. it was a whole different aspect of working out again. >> nothing more to be nervous about. it's a fascinating story. you have recipes. we'll have them at the website at on yahoo. lara? >> hey, i was talking to nick about "downton abbey." i knew we had to get inside. the only guy that could, nick watt. ♪ >> welcome to downton. >> reporter: it's highbrow. >> thank you. >> reporter: it's low brow. >> i come in peace. >> reporter: it's become a transatlantic obsession. the food, the formality. >> you amaze me. >> reporter: the fashion.
8:24 am
the corridor creeping and the heart attacks in the wrong bed. >> he's dead. >> a terrible idea. >> reporter: the best actor. no offense maggie. >> she could get to no new york. >> i don't think things are that desperate. >> reporter: the best actor is the house. real people live here. >> between 200 and 300. >> reporter: between. do cow know? >> no. every so often, i think, i must count. that's the lady of the house, married to the godson op the queen. his mother and grandmother, both american. downton's writer, julian fellows was inspired by his own visits here. the real one is more fascinating than the fiction. the first king married an illegitimate daughter.
8:25 am
he found the tomb of the pharaoh. you would thing he's phone too far. >> i know. >> reporter: some thimgs have changed. fewer servants. what do the staff call you? >> for shorthand, lady "c." >> reporter: the search for the distant male relative since the daughters were not allowed to inherit. still is the case. really? >> yep. >> reporter: still? >> yes. life's not fair, is it? >> reporter: dinner is long dresses for the ladies. >> a man wears a smoking jacket in his own house. but we've relaxed it. >> reporter: wow. free wheeling. here at the real downton abbey, it's a tradition with a lady "c"
8:26 am
twist. >> we spent a couple of day there is when they were filming series thee. i know what happens. i can't tell any of you. lara, i can't tell you. >> i was trying. that's why we got caught. i was begging you. what is the mystery of the show? >> she said, listen -- we spoke to one of the actresses. sit a soap opera dressed up to something very, very posh. >> a great show, nick. thanks for the peek inside. just below us. down in trafalgar square. >> my old friend pudsey. >> we'll meet him up close and personal coming up on "good morning america." thank you, nick watt.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning at 8:27. if you're planning on traveling, gas prices are falling. the national average for a regular is $3.59 per is 20 cents less than one month ago. the man charged with killing back in artin is jail this morning. george zimmerman turned himself revoked hisudge he and hisg that wife lied to the court about get a loweres to
8:28 am
bond. newschannel 8 will have an in- up in aport coming minutes at 8:30. get a check on the morning commute. we are in good shape for the part. metrorail is on a normal service plenty of no major accidents to report. we have delays and the inner loop of the beltway. they change the traffic pattern boulevard on the inner loop. it is the same amount of land it is split around the war zone. i-395 northbound duke street glebe road.toward there is nice sunshine britai. this will be the scene for the days with the going and ag and few showers. of rain through
8:29 am
thursday every day. we are on their way to 77 degrees. we will be back at 8:56.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] a lot of noise here in times square here this morning. we have some sprinkles for robin and lara. >> we're going do a quiz. do how know the queen is the first member of the royal family to be given a -- >> a party at the palace. the black eyed peas have a few of those as well. they're going to be part of the big concert. elton john, paul mccartney, stooefr i have wonder at the diamond jubilee concert for the queen.
8:31 am
they're part of the festivities. hey, robin. >> we got a couple of tickets to the concert. we're here, tra faf gar square. the royal family, sort of, joining us behind us right now. the queen loves music. she also loves dogs. her beloved corgi. we have the top dog here, pudsey, the winner of "britain's got talent." he'll per frm live for us coming up. look at pudsey. >> i did just see him having some cheese. i'm just saying. >> good to see you. >> pudsey will be with us and tesson blumenthal. he's preparing the royal picnic. we'll try his strawberry
8:32 am
crumble. not to be missed. >> we have that. and pudsey is going to perform. standing room only. a lot more coming up guys. back there in new york? >> they sent the weather back. i think we're losing the weather-off right now. coming up, we're going meet four remarkable women. the stars of the new and ground-breaking show, "push girls." we don't have pudsey. we do have sam champion, everybody. >> i just met the push girls backstage. they're amazing. full of life. we're going begin with a wild and crazy night at the mtv movie awards last night. we got a taste of what it might be like on friday when cam sat down with russell brand. here's cam again. ♪ >> reporter: only at the mtv movie awards could you find johnny depp on guitar with the black keys when he wasn't
8:33 am
accepting the generation award. >> quite an amazing honor. >> reporter: and jennifer aniston saying she was proud to be named best dirt bag. >> thanks, dirt bag. >> reporter: a feast for "the hunger games." congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: best onscreen transformation. >> the fans have been incredible. >> reporter: so have fans of the "twilight" saga. and for the fourth time, best kiss. best cast and best hero went to "harry potter." best gut-wrenching performance was one of two awards earned by "bridesmaids." >> like a big celebration. >> why not. just wing it. >> reporter: glad you got dressed up? >> it was between this and a pajama top. >> really? you chose wisely. >> sents braced themselves for
8:34 am
russell brand's zingers. he poked fun at hymn, too. >> the last time i did an mtv movie awards shoergs i ended up marrying someone that was there. i'm going to keep my eyes peeled for another wife. >> reporter: good job. >> thanks, mate. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm cameron mathison in l.a. back to robin and lara in london. >> i think he threw out out here to us. i think that's what. you know, i have to say, i'm very excited. very excited. do you see this wonderful dog right here, pudsey? he's going to perform live. his owner is ashley. we'll have the back story and you'll see him perform. he jumps. he dances. meet pudsey. the multitalented pooch who
8:35 am
danced his way to the top. >> do you thing your dog and you could win an oscar? >> yes. >> reporter: his fan hi feet won him $800,000 on the show. he melted simons a heart. >> this is what i've been waiting for all my life. >> reporter: his 17-year-old owner, ashley butler, tells our nick watt, pudsey is ready for the silver screen. >> there's been so much in the papers about going to hollywood. i'm like, okay. >> reporter: they'll perform at the royal variety show. has all the fame bone to pudsey's head? >> i think he does have a little bit more diva. >> reporter: we'll find out for ourselves. as the world's most popular pooch joins us live. and they are here live. hi, ashley. good to have you here. >> hi. >> you got so close to the queen
8:36 am
on saturday, didn't you? >> she walked straight by me. i could have touched her. i didn't. >> you're lovely. look at the crowd who came out the see pudsey. are you going to let him do his thing? >> yes. >> the one and only pudsey, everybody. ♪ what it takes to come alive ♪ the way i'm feeling i just can't deny ♪ ♪ but i've gotta let it go ♪ we found a love in a hopeless place we fell in love in a hopeless place ♪ ♪ we fell in love in a hopeless place we fell in love in a hopeless place ♪
8:37 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> amazing. c you never know on live television if it's going the happen. is hollywood, indeed, calling? >> i hope so. it would be nice. >> he's not getting a big head or anything. >> no, he sleeps most of the time. >> how exciting is it for you? >> it's been incredible. i've been so proud of pudsey. he's done everything. taking it in stride. >> four-legged stride. >> that's a workout for you, too. >> yeah, i mean, it's obviously, it's not a full performance. it keeps me fit as well.
8:38 am
>> has life changed dramatically? >> yes. i never expected in a million years to win. i want to say a massive thank you to everyone that voted for us. we're honored. >> we thank you. >> thank you, pudsey. come back any time to "good morning america." come on, sam, you know, live television, you never know what is going to happen. >> i mean, pulled it out. we were watching. they were disappointed pudsey wasn't here. everybody, say good morning for us. how's it going. josh, thank you very much for standing in with a little bit of the -- >> indeed. the weather is happening. it's a weather event. >> london weather. hey, tristan, where are you from? >> dallas. >> and we're going take a picture later. just you and me man. >> okay. >> one or two things going on this morning. we look outside for your pictures. florida had the worst week last
8:39 am
week. and into pittsburgh today, a double rainbow. we put it up. the seven states with the fire watches, warnings, and wind watches and warnings. fires will continue to burn. it will be a difficult time to get a handle on them. the worst from atlanta t anddegrees in winchester 63 in gaithersburg. low humidity all weekend average, 77 below today, closer to 70 tomorrow and few isolated showers >> all that water was brought to you by aflac. oh, josh, what is coming up next? four remarkable women. fearless. four remarkable women. fearless. they just happen to be many
8:40 am
8:41 am
in the black forest... [ thunder crashes ] [ engine revs, tires screech ] ...where things aren't always what they seem... because thrills hide in the shadows... just waiting at every turn. verbolten -- a new multi-launch coaster coming to busch gardens. brave the black forest.
8:42 am
now to the new reality show breaking all kinds of new ground with women pushing all kinds of limits. that's why it's called "push girls." the stars are here live. but first, here's a look at how they roll. in the crowded world of reality tv this summer's most talked about new show is not about cat fights or kardashians. but friends. living life and overcoming odds. meet angela, aut i, mia, and
8:43 am
tiphany. the stars of "push girls." >> i'm more physically fit than i was when i was walk. >> they may happen to be in wheelchairs but they can dance, drive, date. z one of the most common questions i get is, can you have sex? yes, i can. >> reporter: they may encounter road blocks. >> i'm 36 years old and jumping back into modeling again. >> nobody's going to stop us. >> and we're joined by tiphani, angela, auti. >> thank you. >> angela, tell me about this. this was your idea. >> yes, it was. i had the honor and the blessing of meeting gay rosenthal. i told her about my girls, my
8:44 am
breast friends. we wednesday to sun dance. the rest, is history. >> so many. people will fall in love with you. what i love about the show. it's a different kind of reality show. you're determined to show your best severals. where does that come from? how does it make you feel? >> i think all of us have an internal spirit to show everybody that our lives are not depressing. we're not saturdd. we're not sitting at home. >> we're living in the moment. >> you also, in the show, aut i, you don't sugar-coat the difficulties and challenges. >> we don't. we want to show life as it is. it's not scripted. it's our lives. we wanted to be able to share what we go through on a day-to-day basis is not that hard. as everybody else might think it would be. >> you don't want anyone to feel sorry for you.
8:45 am
>> not at all. >> tiphany, everybody says you're the go-to person for the questions on sex. >> no! i don't know why? no, no. >> but you do want to clear up misconceptions. >> i learned from these girls. hello, i'm the youngest. >> is that true? you were honest about everything in the show? >> pretty much. we don't beat around the bush. we go in and yank the bush out. >> and auti, you're facing a real challenge. >> trying to have a child at the age of 42. it is going to be a challenge. but, i mean, there are other women out there that are 42 trying to have children as well. so what i love about the show is we have relatable stories. it's not just about the wheelchairs. yeah, we're called "push girls."
8:46 am
but withe push beyond limits. i'm going to be pushing a stroller one day. >> what else to you want people to know about how you have come to terms with your disability? >> we basically want to get rid of the ignorance. we want to remoond people to live life to the fullest. you pull through. the rest is history. the. >> a lot of people say, they can't. this those moments, it's the hardest feeling. you don't think there's a future. i think, hopefully, we can show there's a future. there is an after i can't. it makes you who you really are. >> you're going to inspire so many people are this. >> thank you so much.
8:47 am
coming up, food fit for a queen from london's top chef.
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ oh sometimes i get a good feeling yeah ♪ chef heston blumenthal here with us in trafalgar square in london on a gloomy day. nothing is getting us down. >> some fans here. >> it has to be more than rain to be gloomy for british people. >> heston's been commissioned to prepare the picnic basket for
8:50 am
today's huge jubilee picnic. a gorgeous event with gorgeous food. the royal family adores you. >> i have had a great relationship with them over the years. it's a real honor the be involved. 12,500 picnic hampers. >> i want to brag about you. you're the only chef outside of the -- of the royal world who has been asked to go and cook for them in the private home. >> yeah, windsor castle. >> of course. how was that pressure for row? >> you know what? it was amazing. it was surreal. they're just so -- they're such an -- impeccable manners. but they're so friendly. make me feel so relaxed. it could be daunting. it wasn't. >> it's a relationship that started with you almost spilling liquid nitrogen on the queen. it's ended well, apparently. >> everything in the basket has
8:51 am
significan significance, right? >> yes. we have done a coronation chicken. it was done for the queen in 1963, the recipe it's based on. then strawberry carmel crunch. >> the strawberries come there one of their estates. >> that's right. strawberries with fruit sugar. lemon juice. cook that to boil. the cocked strawberries, add fresh strawberries. add two really historical smells. rose water. >> oh drourks smell that? >> and the elder flower. >> nice touch. >> you have to be careful with the rose water. it's strong. this one is great. doesn't have a smell. it's vodka. >> i'm familiar. >> maybe you can leave that out.
8:52 am
let that infuse. some of the juice into this, whipped cream and sugar. a buttery biscuit you crumble up. you can buy biscuits if you don't have the way to make them yourself. crisp meringues. that and a biscuit. you need to have a little taste. >> i want to mention, your restaurant, fat duck. >> yes. >> three michelin stars. this is what will be in the basket today. >> this, we did for princess eugenie. this is her bit day cake. light it. that's lit. >> right.
8:53 am
>> then -- forget it, weir reasoning out of time. now -- >> and then, we eat the candle? >> it's white chocolate with passion fruit and popping candy. >> edible candles from the great
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
we have had a great time here at tra fall fwar square. heston, thank you very much. nick watt, always good to be in your neck of the woods. we'll be at buckingham palace tomorrow. that's where it all is going to happen. >> a big carriage procession. >> what hat will lara wear? she has a choice that she's shown us today. >> that you've seen. that time as a the clock 56.
8:57 am
d.c. council is expected to give to the cityal budget for 2013. is $9 billion and calls for bar our risenf the city'snsion of traffic and a program. they say that should fill a $172 million shortfall. ♪ the dc jazz festival is underway and kicked off last night. was at the howard theater in washington. reeves performed and it in many venues across the city through sunday. let's get a look at traffic for your monday morning. we will jump right into it traffic pattern chance that happened friday on the loop at university boulevard. traffic heading away from us is loop after holy cross hospital which is slow. the same amount of lanes but we
8:58 am
embracing the traffic that is getting slightly better a northbound 95/virginia. we'll take you over to the and the dulles a -- which ish is beautiful shape out of reston. after 9:00, they set up the the dollar's rail along the connector road. load humidity, high humidity low-low humidity and temperatures through thursday. 70 degrees in the district and cooler.ithersburg and the clouds will come and go and so will a few showers today and through thursday it. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live! with kelly" is next.
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